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Staudamm Marmorera


Lai da Marmorera is a reservoir in the Grisons, Switzerland. It is part of the Parc Ela nature park. The lake with a surface area of 1.41 km2 (0.54 sq mi) formed after the completion of the Marmorera dam in 1954 when the old village of Marmorera was flooded. The village was rebuilt above the lake. The 2007 Swiss mystery film Marmorera was filmed in Marmorera and at the dam reservoir. The lake is flanked on one side by the route of the Julier Pass.

Staudamm Marmorera
Staudamm Marmorera
Staudamm Marmorera
46°29'57.5"N 9°38'11.5"E

Location: Graubünden, Switzerland

Collection: Schweizerische Bauzeitung, 1953

Posted: February 2019
Category: Cartography